Looking to level up your interior decorating skills? Test your green thumb with a plethora of house plants designed to thrive in your light-filled suite. House plants not only improve your air quality, but they often bring a peaceful pop of colour into your apartment and daily life. Find yourself nurturing nature from the comfort of your own home – improving your mood, instantly. Continue reading to learn more about the best house plants to keep in your new Maddox apartment.

Spider Plant

The spider plant is perfect for beginners and small spaces. With its striking arching leaves and air-purifying qualities, it can thrive in low light conditions. Hang it from a ceiling hook or place it on a high shelf to let its foliage cascade gracefully, adding a sense of depth to your apartment. This fast-growing plant also produces little offshoots, which you can pot as a gift for friends and family or continue to use as vibrant additions to your home.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are renowned for their sleek look, hardiness, and air-purifying abilities. They can survive in almost any light condition, making them a top choice for the quaintest spaces. Place them near a window or in a dark corner, and they'll thrive with minimal care.


Pothos is the quintessential low-maintenance house plant. Its heart-shaped leaves can add a touch of elegance to your living space. This plant is ideal for hanging baskets or as a trailing feature on shelves as it grows quickly with vigor. Plus, it's excellent at purifying the air, making it a great addition to your new apartment home.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is another low-light champion, perfect for apartments with limited natural sunlight. Its glossy, dark green leaves add a modern and sleek touch to your space. It's exceptionally low maintenance, making it an excellent choice for busy city dwellers. Seeking a unique spin on this classic house plant? Check out the ZZ Raven with a deep green-black foliage.

Peace Lily

For a touch of elegance and a natural air purifier, the peace lily is an excellent choice. With its attractive white blooms and lush green leaves, it can brighten up any room. This beauty prefers indirect light and consistent moisture. Loving your Peace Lily? Explore variegated options like the Domino and Picasso varieties. 

Incorporating these houseplants into your new home will help you create a tranquil and inviting space, making your rental experience even more enjoyable. So, go ahead and bring the outdoors in!